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  • Scotland's Largest Mosque

    A landmark building on the banks of the Clyde.

Life Has a Purpose

Understanding who we are.

We can worship God by praying and by performing good deeds and avoiding bad deeds. An everyday activity can be considered an act of worship when performed solely for the sake of God.

The Role of a Mosque

God loves the places of prayer.

This is where people can join together in worshipping God. The equivalent word in Arabic, masjid, means "a place where one's head bows down to touch the ground in submission to God (Allah)".

Passing the Baton

Measuring success.

The previous generation has done most of the hard work so that the coming generations can focus on education, providing guidance to others and becoming a benefit to society.




Glasgow Central Mosque is the first purpose-built mosque in Glasgow and opened to the public in 1984. It works with other mosques throughout the city to help and represent Muslims from every background.

It is one of the most recognised buildings in the city and as a result, a large number of people visit it throughout the year, including the media, schools, colleges, universities and also individuals who wish to learn more about Islam.

It is visited 5,000 times every week by Muslims who wish to pray, gain knowledge, get married or attend funeral prayers. It is therefore the focal point of a Muslim's life from its beginning to its end.

Visitor Feedback

I visited the Mosque during Glasgow Doors Open Day. Great, warm welcome, instructive and patient. Always best to get some of your knowledge from the source, not from the media. It is also a beautiful building.

Peter M.