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Recent Work

Main Prayer Hall works


Alhamdulillah, during the last month the Main Prayer Hall has been fully plastered and redecorated.

The walls were sanded to remove the old artex coating and following this the entire area was plastered.

The Main Prayer Hall was then redecorated which included painting the wall surfaces and features as well as varnishing woodwork such as main entrance doors and bookshelves. The colours used create a warmer, modern look and are in line with the original design of the Masjid.

Roof Repair


Alhamdulillah, essential repair and upgrade works to the roof of the Masjid have been completed.  

Following a lengthy period of consultation with industry experts, the roots of the ongoing problems with the roof were identified.  After securing a tender, the work began in January this year and completed in April.  

LED Lighting


As you may be aware, we are currently replacing lighting at Glasgow Central Mosque with new energy-saving LED fittings. We have already completed the majority of works and hope to complete the remaining as soon as possible.

Fence Painting


After many years of being exposed to the Glasgow weather, the paint on the perimeter fence had become chipped and exposed. A team of young and old and everything in-between was assembled, and even included friends and volunteers from local churches. They came every weekend for months and were so regular that it was even suggested that all they really wanted was more of the delicious sandwiches.

Painting and Decorating


Whenever you walk past a wall or surface area, you often don't realise that it wasn't always that colour. Once it gets really bad, it becomes obvious enough. Our team of volunteers polished the brass, dusted the prayer hall, painted the lobbies and corridors, redecorated the library, varnished the doors and even created new storage space. In doing so, they had to climb great heights, bend down low, and now know of nooks and crannies that very few people have laid eyes on before.

Grime Fighting


Dirt and grime constantly builds up, and with the passage of a few years and a site four acres in size, you can end up with a mammoth task ahead of you in putting the clock back. Fortunately, we were able to rely on a dedicated team of volunteers and the generosity of Glasgow City Council. Our team of 30 volunteers worked every weekend for 15 weeks. One of our aims was to encourage community participation but we ended up with a mini-United Nations with nationals from places including Libya and Malaysia.