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Ramadhan Community Announcement

GCM, in conjunction with other mosques in and around Glasgow will meet on the 26th May to establish the beginning of Ramadhan 2017/1438.

The commencement of Ramadhan follows the sighting of a new moon that indicates the beginning of the new Islamic month. Sightings will be sourced from various locations subject to deliberation by the panel, thus ensuring a broad consensus. In the absence of a sighting, Ramadhan will commence the following day after completing 30 days for Sha'ban.

As is custom, an announcement will be made following Maghrib on the day. This is in line with the tradition that stretches back to the early days of Islam. From the time of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the Sahabah radhiallahu anhum to the present, Muslims have always determined the beginning of Ramadhan, Shawaal and Zulhajjah through the sighting of a visible crescent after sunset. This has always been an accepted approach throughout the history of Islam.

Given the sensitivity of the subject and the associated responsibility, every effort is made to ensure the correct approach is followed. It is important to maintain mutual respect within the community at all times, particularly during this blessed month.

We ask Allah ta'ala make this month a source of blessing and forgiveness for all Muslims in Glasgow and around the world. Aameen.